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Feather Earrings


  • Handmade item
  • Materials: Bronze, Maribou Blood Quill Feathers, 925 Sterling Silver
  • Made to order


ITEM #E018 Feather Earrings

These gorgeous Maribou Blood Quill feather earrings are sunny, bright and lightweight making them a perfect Summer statement earring. Each stud is handcrafted out of solid bronze, with a tiny connecting loop on the backside that the feathers attach to, this earring is designed to have movement while having a sleek outer appearance hiding the crimp that holds the feather. The earring wires and backs are 925 sterling silver, and the backs of the organic bronze shapes are coated in a heavy duty jewelry lacquer to prevent skin discoloration while wearing.

Design Notes:

Like with all of our handcrafted pieces at MetaMorph, there may be slight variations between each finished product. We take pride in our craftsmanship, and strive to offer you high quality products while maintaining our brand's aesthetic, which includes the charm and uniqueness of handmade. 


Length: 3"

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