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Hand Painted Antler Tip Hoops

Georgia Peach
Tropic Neon Yellow


  • Handmade item
  • Materials: Bronze, Deer Antler, Enamel
  • Made to order


Item#E029 Hand Painted Antler Tip Hoops

Choose from four different luxe colors all flecked with gold. The paint used for this process is a durable paint meant to be used on multiple surfaces both porous and non porous. After painted, these antler tips are also coated with a clear, durable sealant.

Deer & elk antler tips are all sourced from 100% naturally shed antler racks. Each antler tip is sanded, drilled and painted by hand. The hoops are handcrafted from solid bronze and coated with a jewelry lacquer to prevent tarnishing and skin discoloration while wearing.

Size: 3" in length, on average
Hoop width: 1.25" on average

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