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Jewelry Cleaning Service

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Jewelry Cleaning Service

Gentle, professional jewelry cleaning, buffing and polishing.

  • Method: Ultra sonic cleaning system, professional buffing and polishing.
  • Turnaround: Re-shipment is 3 business days from receipt of item(s).

How to Choose the Correct Service & Quantity

Pricing is per individual piece of jewelry. Simply add the number of pieces you plan to send out to your cart when adding the service of choice. If you plan to send over 10 pieces of jewelry please contact for a bulk rate.

Fine Jewelry: Choose the "Buff-Clean-Polish" option.

Silver Jewelry: Choose the "Polish-Clean" option.

Costume Jewelry: Choose the "Cleaning" option.

About Our Methods

Is your jewelry lightly scratched or tarnished? It can be difficult and time consuming to buff and polish your own jewelry. Let's get those pieces cleaned up and ready to wear or sell again! Just choose your service and jewelry quantity, checkout and wait for your shipping label to arrive directly to your e-mail inbox.
Ultrasonic jewelry cleaning is a method in which jewelry is submerged in a gentle cleaning liquid and ultrasound is used to gently remove the dirt and grime from your jewelry by using vibrations through the liquid.
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