MetaMorph Jewelry

Jewelry Cleaning & Polishing


Gentle, professional jewelry cleaning, buffing and polishing.

  • Method: Professional buffing, polishing and ultra sonic jewelry cleaning.
  • Turnaround: Re-shipment after 3-5 business days from receipt of item(s).

How to Choose the Correct Service & Quantity

Pricing per individual piece of jewelry. Simply add the service of choice to your cart and change the quantity to the total number of items you will be sending out for servicing. If you plan to send over 10 pieces of jewelry please contact for a custom bulk rate.

How it Works

  1. Add the quantity of jewelry you plan to send in to be polished and cleaned.
  2. Go through the checkout process and make sure to leave a note with the value of your merchandise so that we can insure your package for the correct value.
  3. Wait for your insured shipping label to arrive via e-mail within 1 business day.
  4. Follow the instructions to pack your jewelry and drop it off at the post office.
  5. Wait for your jewelry to come back to you looking like new within 7 business days from shipment date!
Ultrasonic jewelry cleaning is a method in which jewelry is submerged in a gentle cleaning liquid and ultrasound is used to gently remove the dirt and grime from your jewelry by using vibrations through the liquid.
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