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Stella Polaris Necklace

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Gold, Silver, Gemstone: Quartz

Item #N056 Stella Polaris Necklace
Item #N057 Luna Necklace

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Stella Polaris- also known as the “North Star” is a symbol of hope & perseverance to many cultures worldwide. The brightest star in the Little Dipper, Stella Polaris has historically been a directional sky marker for voyagers— hence the name “North Star” or “Stella Polaris” Latin for “Pole Star”.

These pendants are handcrafted out of either 14kt gold fill or 925 sterling silver. Each pendant features Swarovski Crystal rhinestones and a wire wrapped accent. Each pendant comes on its own jewelry card with a bit about the pendants symbology.


Star- .5x6/8”

Chain Length- 16” or 18”
Chain Widths
-22kt Gold Plated Chain- 1mm
-925 Sterling Silver Chain- 1.5mm

** Please note that the 14kt Gold Fill pendants come on 22kt gold plated chain. We can order any chain style in any metal type that you would like for an additional charge, please contact for details.