Custom Jewelry Design Services

Are you interested in working with us to bring your custom jewelry design to life? Here's more information on our custom order process and terms. Please read carefully before submitting a custom order request.

Design Process & Revisions

  1. The first step is filling out our custom order questionnaire. This is a very important step, as it gives us the information we need to build your quote, so please be as thorough as possible.
  2. Once we receive your completed questionnaire, we will contact you to gather any further information we need to build your quote and create a sketch of your design.
  3. Your quote & design sketch will be sent via e-mail for your approval.
  4. One free hour of design & communication time is included. If you require revisions that will exceed the initial free hour of design & communication time, we will inform you prior to exceeding the free hour.
  5. We will be unable to make revisions once we begin fabricating your order unless you are willing to pay for the additional time and materials we may need to do so.

Pricing & Payment Policies

Please read carefully!

  1. Once we've worked together to solidify your design, we will issue you an invoice. A deposit of 50% of the grand total will be due to begin working on your order.
  2. Our minimum is $75 for commissions that require us to order any materials that we do not currently stock.
  3. Labor is billed at $75 per hour, this is included in your price quote.
  4. Any changes that you request for us to make to your custom design may be subject to additional labor or materials needed to fabricate your order. At which time we would inform you of any additional costs.
  5. If you request changes to your custom design, and approve of any additional costs, you will be billed for the remaining costs up to 50% of your current balance. This means that 50% of your current balance must always be paid.
  6. Once your order is completed we will contact you with a photograph of your new jewelry, and issue your invoice for the remaining 50% of your invoice total. Your invoice(s) must be paid in full prior to shipment of your custom order.
  7. If you fail to make your final payment within 1 month from the date your order is completed, your custom piece of jewelry will become property of MetaMorph Jewelry Studio.
  8. Deposits are non-refundable, we do not accept cancellations on custom orders unless we are unable to complete your order due to extraneous circumstances. If we are unable to complete your order for any reason that is beyond our control, you will be refunded in full.


Turnaround Time

The amount of time required to complete your custom order is based on our current order volume, the size of your order, and how complicated your order is to fabricate. Because of the varied nature of the custom order requests that we receive, turnaround time is determined on a per order basis. This information will be included in your quote.


Ready to Get Started? 

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