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Doing Our Part

MetaMorph Jewelry Studio is a small, independent jewelry brand focused on handcrafted metalwork jewelry and lifestyle products. With every step forward, we ensure that we are conducting business in the most sustainable and eco friendly way within our means. You may be wondering what exactly we're doing (or not doing)! So let's go over what we're doing to help make a positive impact on our local economy and our planet.


We strive not to purchase products for our Lifestyle Gifts section that are made with plastics, and we do not use any plastics in our jewelry designs. Why? Because we believe in heirloom quality, handcrafted products made with materials that are more likely to stand the test of time, and stay out of landfills. Disposable culture has taught us that precious metals and high quality handcrafted goods are more likely to be cherished and passed down through generations, but can also be exchanged for money vs. items that are crafted with cheaper materials like plastics, that the consumer will most likely throw away when worn out. By reducing our use of plastics we can all help to reduce the overall need and production of plastics, but also reduce the amount of plastics that inevitably end up in landfills that pollute our environment. We recycle & reuse all plastics that our supplies arrive packaged in, and we only use biodegradable plastic baggies when necessary to ship our products.


All of the jewelry for MetaMorph is fabricated in our small jewelry studio located in Pittsburgh, PA. We work with precious metals, gemstones, glass, fibers, leather and vintage dead stock supplies. One thing we steer clear of is PLASTIC. We focus on designs that use high quality materials that are valued by our customers, and that are more likely to be cherished and not end up in a landfill. All of the precious metals we use in our designs are purchased recycled, and all of our gemstones are ethically sourced from several reputable gemstone dealers. All of the packaging that we pack/sell our orders in is biodegradable, and most of it is reusable like our muslin drawstring bags, boxes and our leather earring tags meant to be repurposed into leather key fobs. We use recycled kraft paper shopping bags, no plastic bags here!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

We recycle or reuse all of our paper, plastic & aluminum. We also reduce our waste by implementing seemingly small policies like printing copies double sided, and allowing customers to opt for emailed receipts. In energy use, we ranked "silver" for the Sustainable Pittsburgh Shop audit.

Fair Wages

In order to create a healthy and productive work environment at MetaMorph Jewelry Studio, the products that we fabricate in studio are priced to ensure that we are able to provide a living wage to all employees, with opportunities for growth. Making jewelry by hand out of raw materials is a lot of hard work. Our skilled and dedicated staff put that work in because they also believe in building up an economy of small, creative, sustainable businesses focused on quality, not quantity and unsustainable growth.